A new campaign has launched to support Wellington City Council’s proposed Spatial Plan, which aims to set a blueprint for more affordable housing as the city grows.

A City for People is a non-partisan group of Wellingtonians who share a progressive and sustainable vision for Wellington. We see the Spatial Plan as an important opportunity to put people first and make a plan to share our city as it grows.

“We’re asking Wellington City Councillors to support the Spatial Plan so all generations of Wellingtonians can share the city we love, and we have a chance to live in an affordable, warm, dry home,” said City for People spokesperson Isla Stewart.

“We have heard a lot from people who say they want to protect the character of old houses, and what we are saying is that the character of a city comes from its people. Without a credible plan for new affordable homes, a whole generation of Wellingtonians is at risk of being forced out from the central city into new suburbs sprawling north, and spending hours every day in traffic jams.

“The Spatial Plan is an opportunity to make Wellington a city built for people, with thriving communities, green spaces, and well designed buildings improving quality of life throughout our city. We want the Council to enable people to live close to where they work, study, and socialise.

“Decades of inaction have meant house prices are out of control, while old and expensive rental properties rot out from underneath us. 

“Wellingtonians deserve choices about the types of homes they want to live in, and which of our local communities they want to put down roots in. That’s what the Spatial Plan will help achieve.

“Wellington can be a city that everyone can share, with parks and open spaces - a city where kids can walk and cycle to school safely, and where homes are warm, dry, and affordable.” 

A City for People has launched a website which includes a way people can quickly tell the city council they support the Spatial Plan, and will be organising events and activities over the coming weeks.

Twitter: @CityForPeopleNZ

Media liaison contact: Neale Jones, 027 529 1079



For a Wellington we can all call home.