Take Action.

Let’s Get Wellington Moving, the District Plan, and the Bike Network Plan (together known as Our City Tomorrow) can guarantee affordable, quality, and accessible homes for all, and healthy, quiet, equitable streets in a thriving city connected by low-carbon bike lanes, light rail, and buses.

Transformative action depends on Wellington City Council hearing our voice. Too often, Councils only hear voices defending the status quo. Voices who are against public transport, against biking, and against new housing. It is crucial that our progressive vision is heard loud and clear by the decision makers.

You can submit on Let’s Get Wellington Moving until December 10th, and on the District Plan and the Bike Network Plan until December 14th. Below we have submission guides on the three plans, and a quick submission form below, so that you can easily make a progressive submission in support of bold action on housing and the climate.

Quick Submit

In just under 5 minutes, you can send out a message to council that you want an inclusive, accessible and livable city for people! 


Submission guides

Council submission processes are often confusing and difficult to engage with. That's why we're working hard to give you some accessible and clear submission guides to help you have your say. Keep an eye out on your socials for our announcement that they are ready to go!

Let’s Get Wellington Moving

You can submit on Mass Rapid Transit and State Highway 1 changes here.

You can find our submission guide here. COMING SOON 

Draft District Plan

You can submit on the Draft District Plan here.

You can find our submission guide here. COMING SOON 

Bike Network Plan

You can submit on the Bike Network Plan here.

The amazing people at Cycle Wellington have provided a comprehensive submission guide to the Paneke Pōneke/Wellington Bike Network Plan here