Our Vision


Let’s Get Wellington Moving, the District Plan, and the Bike Network Plan (together known as Our City Tomorrow) can guarantee affordable, quality, and accessible homes for all, and healthy, quiet, equitable streets in a thriving city connected by low-carbon bike lanes, light rail, and buses.

We want a city built for people, with thriving communities, green spaces, affordable housing, and public and active transport infrastructure that improves quality of life throughout our city, enabling people to live close to or sustainably access where they work, study, and socialise.

Decades of inaction have meant house prices are out of control and carbon emissions from car dependency continue rising. A whole generation of people are at risk of being forced out from the central city into sprawling suburbs, suffering worse accessibility, health, and wellbeing.

LGWM, the District Plan, and the Bike Network Plan present a huge opportunity to create a city with abundant affordable and accessible housing, a huge city-wide bike network, and rapid transit connecting our entire city- tackling the housing crisis, reducing transport emissions, and creating a liveable city for people.


We are a coalition of Wellingtonians and organisations including Generation Zero, Cycle Wellington, Parents for Climate Aotearoa, Renters United, Different Spokes  Pōneke, and Sustainability Trust who all want Our City Tomorrow to deliver on this vision.


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