Decades of inaction have meant house prices are out of control, while old rental properties rot out from underneath us. A whole generation of people are at risk of being forced out from the central city into new suburbs sprawling north, spending hours every day in traffic jams.

We believe the Spatial Plan will allow Wellington to plan for the future so that new generations of Wellingtonians can share the city we love, and have a chance to live in a home that is affordable, accessible, healthy and warm. 

We are a group of Wellingtonians from across the city who support the Wellington City Council’s proposed Spatial Plan.

We want a city built for people, with thriving communities, green spaces, and well designed buildings improving quality of life throughout our city, enabling people to live close to where they work, study, and socialise.

Supporting the Spatial Plan is an important step to help ensure the City Council puts people first and Wellington has affordable, sustainable communities and high-quality homes for generations to come.


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